Things We Find

In the Chicagoland area, we inspect many different kinds of homes and properties. Out in the field, we know what kind of problems we expect to find, but some of the deficiencies we’ve found stand out as particularly problematic or expensive.

This is our gallery of Things We Find – problems that you don’t want to miss as a home buyer or seller. With an inspection from Applied Home Inspections, we’ll ensure that you’re not the victim of a lurking issue. Request an inspection today!

Missing Flashing. Sometimes leads to water intrusion and potential structural failure.

Small Hole in Roof. Can cause a tremendous leak.

Defective Flashing. Cause of water leaks.

Copper gas line. This one was run through the chimney system’s ash clean-out drawer. Unsafe for several reasons.

Older Natural Gas Line. These are prone to leakage.

Plumbing Corrosion. Potential to become a very expensive problem.

Plumbing Corrosion. Another potential disaster discovered. This is caused by a galvanic reaction – two different metals touching and reacting, causing corrosion. This is preventable.

Exhaust Fan from Room Below. It’s missing an insulated vent, which would guide water vapor outside.

Extremely Dirty Ductwork. While it’s not part of a typical inspection, we happened to find this potential air quality hazard and let our client know.