About the Inspector

Home Inspector Mark Syster

A Home Inspector Who Always Works Directly for You

Mark Syster is our owner/operator, and he’s dedicated his entire career as a home inspector to working for Chicagoland buyers. In fact, one of our founding principles is to always be on the buyer’s side. That’s because we work for you, not your agent, the seller, or the seller’s agent. Mark pledges to always look out for your best interests by putting himself in your shoes.

Member ASHI

Home Inspector Credentials

  • Home Inspector License #450.0001856
  • ASHI Member of the Great Lakes Chapter
  • Mold Testing Certified
  • Thermal Imaging Specialized Training
  • Indoor Air Quality Certified
  • Foundation Repair Engineer
  • 13 Years as a Home Inspector
  • Completed Thousands of Inspections
  • Extensive Architecture and Construction Knowledge

Foundation Repair Engineer

When it’s time to get your future home or business inspected, you’ll definitely want to work with someone who has a lot of hands-on experience with buildings. Aside from conducting thousands of successful inspections, Mark has been a foundation repair engineer for 15 years.

Why Does this Matter?

The foundation is one of the most critical aspects of every building. If there’s a leak, a break, or any other issues, it can severely impact the rest of the home. With Mark’s experience, he’s able to offer something most other home inspectors can’t: a skilled, first-hand foundation assessment.

Architectural and Construction Background

Mark is a Student of Architecture who has a particular fondness for the Chicagoland area’s many long-standing, unique structures. He also has a genuine love for every aspect of construction, which gives him a comprehensive understanding of the thousands of parts that must go together properly to make a house work smoothly.

Mark Behind the Scenes

During his downtime, Mark loves spending time with his family, reading, and dedicating himself to health and fitness.

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