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Foundation Service/Crack Repair

          Have a leaking Basement or Crawlspace? 

The key to quality waterproofing begins with our initial no cost assessment. That is, us taking some time to first understanding why the foundation is leaking. This is where our experienced crack repair team comes in. The repairing of structural deficiencies and/or water intrusion as a result of foundation cracks are a critical aspect of the basement waterproofing process. Applied Inspections pressure injection system, is the most efficient and economical way to repair foundation cracks in concrete basement and crawlspaces. 

 Servicing leaking Non-Structural Foundation Cracks

Some concrete foundation cracks are only leaking problems. This is true especially during time of heavy rains and saturated soils. Not only can flooding occur in the basement which can damage or ruin valuable items, but chances for unhealthy mold levels in the the can occur. Excessivle mold levels in a home can directly effect the indoor air quality of a home. Overtime, wall cracks also have the ability to futher open up. Note, a particular crack may not necessarily be a problem at the time, yet this can change as soon as the next heavy rain storm arrives. After a foundation crack forms, the prospect of water intursion is not a matter of if, yet a matter of when.

If water leakage from a foundation crack is minimal now, overtime there is a potential for the crack to open further, allowing significant water intrusion into the home.

 Have our trained professionals come out to your home at no cost, to preform an assessment. 

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Servicing Structural Foundation Cracks

Foundation cracks forming as a result of structural deficiencies can pose a serious threat to the home’s foundation. Horizontal cracks, or cracks wider than a quarter of an inch are general signs of a structural crack. Structural cracks typically form as a result of wall movement from thermal changes, uneven loading and settling of the footing, soil pressure and/or soil shrinkage.


For the repair of structural foundation cracks, the injection material a high quality specialized epoxy is our weapon of choice. Because the crack was initially caused by stress resulting from movement of the foundation, epoxy works to seal the crack, but epoxy by itself, will not prevent further foundation cracking. 

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